The Digital Revolution

- is diverse and rapid -

Everyone wants an online business that generates income seemingly passively and automated. Everyday the Digital Revolution is creating new businesses and business models. The biggest challenge is learning, creating and using the right software to run and manage your business. This is where most give up because they are overwhelmed with the amount of programs available, and the time necessary to learn something new and be proficient at it. Where do you start? Which technology do you focus on? How do you keep up?  

 I manage the Tech so you don’t have to.

And you can focus on your Strengths.

generating sales
  • Defining sales funnel and filling it
  • Generating leads from website
  • Creating and building landing pages
  • Creating content that attracts high quality leads and sales
  • Optimising website for search engines
  • Using emails to generate business leads
  • Generating leads from social media
By Analyzing
  • Reviewing the progress of your business
  • Assessing core activities
  • Assessing your business efficiency
  • Reviewing your sales
  • Conducting a competitor analysis
  • Conducting a customer and market analysis
  • Using the review to redefine business goals
And Developing Software
  • Analyzing the problem
  • Market research
  • Gathering requirements for the proposed software
  • Devising a plan or design for the software
  • Implementation (coding) of the software
  • Testing the software
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance and bug fixing
Digital Creator - Futurist - Athlete
  • Lucas learned to love the world growing up in multiple countries. Born in Germany he finished School as an international exchange student in Washington. After his year in the USA his athletic talent in Kitesurfing allowed him to become a Watersport Instructor and Coach right out the gate when Lucas turned 18.

  • His success in teaching kitesurfing took Lucas all around the globe. Years into his Coaching Life he transitioned from Instructor to Entrepreneur. Studying on his Engineering Degree while flying around the globe turning heads on multiple fronts. It turned into intensive management of multiple startups, projects and financial assets.

    In 2016 with the Bitcoin boom Lucas dedicated himself fully to the Blockchain Movement and incorporated to live the true digital nomad lifestyle travelling the world on online income. On Facebook and Instagram he has been sharing this journey from all over the world. 

  •  Today as renowned CoFounder and Chief Technology Officer of Top4You Academy and T4 Network which is responsible for online income successes for countless people all over the world.

    After a fun 5 years Lucas continues his unique lifestyle living where others vacation, as a digital nomad working on products and services oriented to help businesses grow.

    On this Website Lucas shares this content about different technology solutions for better online Business.

What my Partners say

  • Lucas introduced to me to Bitcoin in 2016 when I just wanted to make some extra money on the side investing. Today I can say Lucas and the Top4You Team have provided me with such valuable solutions which aside from massive gains gave me the ability to sell my ebooks and artwork online.

    Michael K.

  • My Company sells automotive Parts and we were struggling to create a functioning system for our Physical Store and to sell Online at the same time. We were amazed by what Lucas came up with. Absolutely satisfied with our new online store. Our Team thanks Lucas!!

    Jeniffer H.

  • I am happy to have Lucas and his Team and look forward to the next project. Lucas and Ankan solved all  problems on our existing site. Especially happy about the PHP Coding and WordPress customisations! We also set up our crypto payments and we are finally growing traffic. It only took 2 days to get to 100 web visits. Thanks to Lucas Im now at over 8000 monthly visits on my store.

    Jens L.

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