With the Bitcoin prices dipping down to a new year low of 4400 its a frenzy on the markets. Most Altcoins have been performing even worse led by Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which have seen massive drops of 35% and 60% respectively from their November highs. Fear is all around in the crypto market at the moment as we see investors wondering about the causes of these lows inspite of all the good news for the crypto scene all throughout 2018 that only a year ago would have made the prices jump. The markets seem as bearish as can be at the moment showing an unchangable trend downward. Not just in crypto we are seeing the bears running wild.

What does all this really mean? What we are seeing right now is just bitcoins changing owners. Many people are now selling low taking their losses. When in reality these are the incredible opportunities to make massive gains when investing before and staying in the market to take the upswing. If you are feeling uneasy at the moment because your assets are down 30% once again. I recommend you to watch the following video which shows you some history to the institutional manipulation of markets and what I have been closely following with Bitcoin over the last years.

What you need to know is that Wallstreets ICE’s Bakkt which is their own crypto exchange was supposed be going live on December 12th! While uploading the video and just after finishing this article I read the Newsflash. NYSE Bakkt launch is moved into 2019. This topic is becoming hotter and we are seeing the Dow and the stock exchange is being held high totally inflated and the situation is really held at the brink of a crash. I believe that once the exchange of the NYSE Stock Exchange goes live we could see the Bitcoin ETF actually being approved there after by the SEC because for the first time in crypto our beloved guys at wallstreet and their instituional investors have their very own platform to move their capital seamingless from stocks into crypto. 
We experienced this over and over again the last years here working closely with bitcoin everyday. Its only now that the guys at the top can make not only their annual huge profits but they will leverage their position with Bakkt as a bridge to the big capital at their stock exchange. What this can look like especially when their stock markets collapses and capital floods out into precious metals and cryptos.
But its also a great exit plan out of their stock bubble ponzis. The sad part about this is that the guys behind these price manipulations are securing their financial power positions in the peoples real money, cryptocurrency. Many Experts agree that when only 1% of the Dow Jones is moved into Bitcoin which soon is more likely than ever we will see 1 Bitcoin over $100.000 potentially even over 7 figures in USD.

We at the t4 think tank believe that this is the reason for the drop and this years long low price of Bitcoin and altcoins. We have really only seen good news in 2018 without any reaction in the price. I think that cryptos and especially Bitcoin have proven themselves succesful and bitcoin (segwit and the lightning network) is ready for mass adoption. I think this is the reason for the price drop as the price is lowered before billions from institutional investors are to be moved into bitcoin and crypto.

So to all my fellow Bitcoiners, I believe moving out of Bitcoin as per Exit plan into Tether for short term can be an option but beware that the upswing can come quickly within the next 2 weeks. Even though while writing this article the date for the launch of the bitcoin future Bakkt from the NYSE has been moved back from the original launch date 12th of December this year to the 24th of January 2019. I think this is a sign that we are in the right place and after the winter there will be summer.

Even though following an exit plan into tether can be the better way to go if we go below 4000. I would not give up on bitcoin just now as we surely will be seeing some nice gains with potentially the mass adoption of bitcoin as a globally accepted payment in 2019.