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Are you an internet business owner or want to become one?

I can help you…

1. Grow fast.

Its not common for an online business to be an overnight success, but its just as rare for it to take more than a couple of years. If you’re a year or two in and haven’t grown at all, it’s probably time to reevaluate your business model.

2. with amazing tools.

You think there is a single, successful online business that is not built with at least 5 or more amazing tools to run their business. Tools are an absolute necessity for every business especially online.

From social media management tools to online invoicing tools, to team communication tools, wallets and financial tools. All of these are key to saving you time and money and ultimately optimizing overall productivity.

3. have an actual plan.

A common misconception about online businesses is that people just kind of find your website, buy your stuff, and you start making tons of money. Successful online businesses benefit greatly from a solid business plan, as well as a documented marketing strategy and I can help you with that.

4. outsource. A LOT.

If you want to stay competitive, outsource everything that a) doesn’t come naturally to you, and b) that you don’t enjoy doing. This will free you up to focus on what you love, which is key to sustainable growth.

5. leverage Social media.

You cannot run an online business to its full potential without using social media when almost a third of all referral traffic was from social media. If you’re not using social media to reach new customers and to connect with current ones, you don’t stand a chance.

6. pursue your passion.

Running your own business can be tough, which is why it’s so important you’re passionate about what you’re doing. Ask yourself: Can I see myself still be in this business in 5-10 years? If not, it’s probably better to shift directions and choose something you really care about.

7. provide value and charge accordingly.

You’ll never compete long term by undervaluing your products or services. While you may want to undercut the competition in order to be more attractive it’s almost always better to set prices that are sustainable for your business for the foreseeable future.

8. grow your list.

Email marketing is an important strategy for all businesses. But for online businesses, it’s absolutely vital.  Research is clear that email marketing results in increased click-through rates,  engagement, and sales. In fact, some research suggests email delivers a higher ROI than any other marketing channel. Focus on building your list from day one to see these benefits for your own business.

9. differentiate yourself.

The global e-commerce market is a trillion dollar market spread among 12 million online stores. Successful online business owners know the importance of differentiating themselves so we can actually claim our piece of the pie.

10. solve a real problem.

As with any type of business, finding a real need in your niche is key. What problem or issue can you help solve? Does your product or service truly solve that problem? If not, what can you do to make that happen?

Are you an artist, entrepreneur or independent bussiness owner?
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Every Internet Business requires a unique approach and strategy!

I understand that there are many variables to get a business up and running and it is easy to get overwhelmed, unmotivated and stuck. But I am here to help! Together with my Team of Experts in various fields of Internet Business, we can help you start your own Internet Income and help you grow your reach and client base.

In our Consulting Session we help you improve your Internet Business.

My Team and I may research and implement business solutions, marketing strategies, and help with strategic relationships to aid you with your online operations and growth. With my International Network I can help you position your business around the world. I will provide you with proven tools which will provide you with helpful insights to all aspects of your business. You will learn know how to monitor your results and make adjustments. As my IBC Client you can expect a fun time!