The last days I have been very busy in preparing a very exciting new phase in my life. A week ago I spontaneously took the opportunity to travel to Milano Italy to hook up with top business people and really got great work done. After making amazing connections I got back to Malaga and moved my homebase to my new place here on the beautiful Atlantic coast of Spain in Cadiz which is a supreme Kite and surf territory! Tomorrow Im already on my way to Tarifa for a week long Seminar together with top Kiters and School owners! There is a lot of great things on the move! In the meantime have been very busy together with the T4 Developers for some mind-blowing new implementations and a new workflow on! There is some huge news Im about to share on behalf of my personal brand and new amazing opportunities to make money online! I invite you to join my group FREEDOMFINDERS which is all about creating online income for a decentralised and free life.